Vibratory Laning Conveyor

Product Overview

Our Vibratory Laning Conveyors are sophisticated solutions meticulously engineered to precisely lane products, creating consistent spacing between items to facilitate accurate pick and place operations. These conveyors employ vibration to arrange and align products, ensuring optimal recognition by pick and place robots. Tailored to meet diverse capacity and product requirements, our bespoke systems offer unrivalled performance in product laning.


Key Features 

Precise Product Laning

Our Vibratory Laning Conveyors excel at creating evenly spaced product lanes, ensuring pick and place robots can effortlessly identify and grasp items for downstream processing.

Customisable Configuration

Tailored to your specific needs, our conveyors are available in various lengths, widths, and configurations, providing seamless integration into your production line layout.

Optimised Spacing

Our bespoke systems offer the flexibility to adjust the spacing between products to match the unique requirements of your application, enhancing robot recognition accuracy.

Variable Surface Finishes

Choose from a range of surface finishes, including smooth, textured, and perforated, to suit different product types while maintaining consistent product flow.

Adjustable Vibration Parameters

Easily modify vibration frequency, amplitude, and other parameters to accommodate a variety of products and ensure precise laning.

Durable and Reliable

Crafted from high-quality materials, our Vibratory Laning Conveyors are built to withstand rigorous industrial environments, ensuring longevity and dependable performance.

Energy Efficiency

Optimised vibration patterns and energy-efficient motors contribute to reduced operational costs and environmental impact.

Easy Maintenance

User-friendly design elements and quick-release mechanisms simplify cleaning and maintenance tasks, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Seamless Integration

Our Vibratory Laning Conveyors can seamlessly integrate into existing production lines and robotic systems, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.


  • Robotic Pick and Place: Accurate product alignment for robot-assisted picking and placing.
  • Automated Assembly: Ensuring optimal product presentation for assembly processes.
  • Packaging Lines: Creating uniform product lanes for precise packaging and labelling.
  • Quality Control: Facilitating efficient quality inspections and sorting procedures.


Technical Specifications

  • Material: Stainless steel, mild steel, or other materials to meet customer requirements.
  • Surface Finish: Smooth, textured, perforated, or custom finishes available.
  • Power Supply: Standard 110/220V AC, 23 Hz (customisable).
  • Control Options: Manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated control systems.
  • Vibratory Mechanism: Powerful vibration for precise product laning.
  • Customisation: Bespoke system design based on capacity and product characteristics.



Our Vibratory Laning Conveyors are designed to provide an unparalleled solution for precise product laning, ensuring seamless interaction with pick and place robots. The customisable configuration, gentle handling, and advanced control options guarantee a reliable and efficient laning process tailored to your specific needs. Reach out to us today to explore how our Vibratory Laning Conveyors can enhance your automation processes and product recognition accuracy.