Case Study: Mitigating Allergen Contamination Risks with VCSP Vibratory Conveyors


VCSP was approached by a nut processing facility facing a significant challenge related to allergen cross-contamination risks in their production process. This facility processed a variety of nuts with differing allergen profiles, making it crucial to ensure strict separation between products to meet food safety regulations and protect consumers with allergies.



Leveraging our expertise in vibratory conveying, we took on the challenge with a commitment to delivering a customised solution tailored to the facility’s unique needs:


  1. Modular Design: VCSP Vibratory Conveyors were designed with a modular approach, allowing for interchangeable surfaces. This feature enabled rapid switching between processing different nut varieties, completely eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.
  2. Sanitation Features: Our VCSP Vibratory Conveyor equipment was meticulously crafted using food-grade materials known for their corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning. Specialised surfaces were incorporated, ensuring thorough sanitisation to eliminate any possibility of allergen carryover.
  3. Colour-Coding and Labelling: To further enhance operational precision and reduce the risk of human error, VCSP Vibratory Conveyor system featured a colour-coding system and labelling for each component, guaranteeing that the correct components were used for each nut variety.
  4. Employee Training: VCSP provided comprehensive training for the facility’s staff on the proper use and maintenance of our VCSP Vibratory Conveyor equipment. This training emphasised the critical importance of allergen control in their daily operations.



The implementation of VCSP Vibratory Conveyors yielded several remarkable outcomes for the nut processing facility:

  1. Allergen Cross-Contamination Reduction: Our solution led to a significant reduction in allergen-related incidents, virtually eliminating the risk of allergen cross-contamination between nut varieties. This achievement considerably bolstered the facility’s reputation for food safety and quality.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Swift changeovers between different nut types became a reality, resulting in reduced downtime and heightened production efficiency. This efficiency translated into cost savings for the facility.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: VCSP Vibratory Conveyor system empowered the facility to meet stringent food safety regulations with ease, drastically reducing the possibility of costly recalls and potential legal liabilities.
  4. Enhanced Product Quality: By ensuring that each nut variety remained uncontaminated by allergens from other products, the facility was able to uphold the quality and purity of their products, consistently meeting the high expectations of their customers.


In conclusion, VCSP meticulously designed and implemented our vibratory conveyors to address allergen cross-contamination risks, allowed the nut processing facility to elevate their food safety practices, maintain product quality, and operate with unprecedented efficiency. This case study showcases VCSP’s unwavering commitment to solving intricate challenges in the food industry and ensuring the safety of consumers with food allergies.