Vibratory Grading Conveyors

Sorting and Grading Excellence

Our state-of-the-art Grading Conveyors are the ultimate solution for sorting and categorising products precisely. Tailored for industries such as agriculture, food processing, and manufacturing, these conveyors redefine the grading experience.

Key Features

Sorting and Grading Excellence
Specifically designed to sort and grade materials based on predetermined criteria such as size, weight, or quality. As each vibratory grading conveyor is custom-built in the UK, we can change the aperture sizes and shapes to suit your exact needs. Using our double-deck grading system, we can sort up to 3 different sizes on 1 conveyor.

Adjustable Parameters for Precision
Boasting adjustable settings to accommodate different grading criteria. Operators can effortlessly modify parameters to meet specific product specifications using the quick-release screen panels. Change the aperture sizes easily by switching the panels so that the conveyor can be used for various products with unique requirements.

Multiple Outlets for Streamlined Sorting
Featuring multiple outlets or chutes, each corresponding to a different grade or size category as well as fines. Enables the seamless separation of materials into distinct grades as they progress along the conveyor.

Continuous Flow for Maximum Efficiency
Maintaining a continuous flow of materials ensures a steady and efficient sorting process. Minimizes downtime and maximises productivity in grading operations.

Variable Speed Controls for Optimisation
Equipped with variable speed controls, allowing operators to adjust conveyor speed to match grading requirements and optimise the sorting process.

Durable Construction for Reliability
Constructed with durable materials to withstand the demands of continuous operation.

Seamless Integration with Other Equipment
Often integrated into more extensive processing lines, working seamlessly with other equipment such as washing systems, sizing equipment, and packaging machinery.

Reduced Labour Requirements for Enhanced Efficiency
By automating the sorting and grading process, these conveyors reduce the need for manual labour. Resulting in increased efficiency and consistency in product quality.

Quality Control Precision
The precise sorting capability contributes to effective quality control by separating materials into different grades based on specified criteria. Transform your production processes with Grading Conveyors, ensuring efficiency, precision, and adherence to specific quality standards at every processing or packaging stage.