Incline Conveyors

Are range of incline conveyors are ideal for moving your products across different levels and pieces of machinery 

Incline conveyors are sometimes preferred over other types of conveyors for specific applications due to their unique advantages:

  1. Vertical Movement: Incline conveyors can transport materials or products vertically, allowing them to move between different facility levels. This is particularly useful when dealing with multi-level warehouses or production areas with limited horizontal space.
  2. Space Efficiency: Since incline conveyors can move materials vertically, they can help optimize floor space. They take up less horizontal space compared to traditional horizontal conveyors, which can be crucial in facilities with limited space.
  3. Material Control: Incline conveyors can be equipped with cleats, sidewalls, or flights, depending on the application. These features help prevent materials from sliding or falling off the conveyor during transport, ensuring a smooth and controlled movement.
  4. Product Handling: Incline conveyors are especially useful when dealing with delicate or fragile products that require gentle handling. They can be designed to move products smoothly and avoid any unnecessary jostling or impact.
  5. Easy to Clean: Our incline conveyors are designed with hygiene in mind, with parts accessible so they can be easily cleaned. Our design differs from other, more traditional conveyors, which have cleaning difficulties due to the tight design. Our belt conveyors have an open design, so cleaning the conveyors is easier and more convenient.
  6. Manufacture: We use thick polymer PE or PP to ensure the stability of the conveyor in operation, and the whole machine is a stainless steel design, including bearings, bearing seat, shaft, frame structure, screws and nuts are 304 stainless steel.
  7. Water Tight: Our conveyors are connected through the gear, so the conveyor is stable, wearable and water-fast.


incline conveyor

Easy clean style inclined conveyor (PP belt and PU belt)

incline conveyor

Conventional design, inclined conveyor (PP belt)

3800mm inclined conveyor with big hopper

200mm wide belt conveyor

incline conveyor

Auger filler, screw conveyor and pouch packing machine