Case Study: Enhancing Production Efficiency and Reducing Product Breakage for a Confectionery Manufacturer


A prominent confectionery manufacturer in the UK faced two critical challenges in their production process:

Production Efficiency: The existing conveyor system frequently caused bottlenecks, slowing down production and impeding the manufacturer’s ability to meet the growing demand.

Product Breakage: Delicate confectionery items, including chocolates and candies, were susceptible to breakage during transport on the conveyor, resulting in increased waste and production losses.



VCSP, a trusted provider of custom conveyor solutions, was approached to tackle these issues. Here’s how VCSP Vibratory Conveyors provided a solution:

  1. Precision Speed Control: VCSP Vibratory Conveyors were custom-engineered to enable precise control over conveying speed. This allowed the manufacturer to optimise the conveyor’s operation to match the production line’s pace, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing overall efficiency.
  2. Gentle Handling: VCSP’s vibratory technology was finely tuned to ensure gentle handling of confectionery items. The conveyor system featured adjustable vibration settings and a specially designed, soft-grip surface to minimise product breakage.



The implementation of VCSP Vibratory Conveyors delivered significant improvements for the confectionery manufacturer:

  1. Production Efficiency: The manufacturer reported an impressive 30% increase in production efficiency. The ability to synchronise the conveyor speed with the production line’s requirements allowed for smoother operations and reduced downtime.
  2. Minimised Product Breakage: With VCSP’s gentle handling capabilities, product breakage was dramatically reduced. This led to a substantial decrease in waste, resulting in cost savings and improved product quality.
  3. Consistent Product Quality: The conveyor’s precision control and gentle handling ensured that confectionery items reached the packaging stage in pristine condition. This consistency in product quality enhanced the manufacturer’s reputation for delivering high-quality confections.



VCSP Vibratory Conveyors successfully addressed the confectionery manufacturer’s challenges by significantly enhancing production efficiency and minimising product breakage. The custom-engineered conveyor system improved operational efficiency and helped reduce waste and maintain product quality. This case study exemplifies how VCSP’s tailored solutions can have a profound impact on the productivity and profitability of food manufacturing businesses in the United Kingdom